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We are a team of professionals with extensive and proven experience. We work towards objectives within defined time frames. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, we provide personalised solutions for the management and Good Governance of your company.

  • Interim Management
  • Good Governance for Companies
  • Management Consulting


Extensive and proven experience in General Management and on Boards of Directors

At Open-K2, we boast years of proven experience in General Management and on Boards of Directors. We are a team of professionals ready to help you overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Successions: Guidance and/or mentoring in succession processes.

Emergency substitutions in General Management, immediate incorporation, avoiding a gap in decision-making until the desired long-term profile is incorporated.

We support Investment Funds and Family Offices from General Management in the process of purchasing and taking control of companies.

We define growth plans with precision and support their implementation, both in organic growth plans (internal growth) and inorganic ones (through the acquisition of other companies). With experience in internationalisation plans, we guide all parts of the company towards this global management model change.

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We seek solutions to business challenges and implement them.

Open-K2 is a comprehensive business advisory project for companies, entrepreneurs and executives. We offer a variety of services in our three areas of activity: Interim Management during periods of transition, Good Governance for Companies and Management Consulting.

Each company faces specific challenges in different contexts. At Open-K2, we assist in the definition and implementation of specifically agreed-upon solutions.

Clientes Open K2

Business support.

We provide specific solutions to bolster the future of your company.

At Open-K2, we actively participate in our clients’ projects, seeking solutions that genuinely contribute value in addressing the challenges businesses encounter.

Challenging situations: Companies requiring reorganisation, whether it’s in a commercial, organisational and/or financial aspect. We define a precise roadmap and implement it within a specified timeframe.

How do we collaborate with your company?
Our fees consist of a fixed portion and a variable success-based component, contingent on achieving agreed-upon objectives. We firmly believe in competitively defining the fixed portion and placing more weight on the success-based variable part, ensuring that our clients recognise our commitment to results from the outset.


Initial commitment-free diagnosis. Shall we talk?

Is your company grappling with temporary issues or facing business challenges such as internationalisation? Feel free to contact us without any commitment. We have proven experience in handling succession processes, leadership substitutions, cost improvements, enhancing organisational efficiency and navigating challenging situations that may require commercial, organisational and/or financial reorganisations.

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