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We are a team of professionals with extensive and proven experience in General Management and on Boards of Directors. Our code of conduct is a formal declaration of principles that encapsulates the values and ethical standards guiding our company.

Our client relationships

Our support is built on five pillars:

  • Trust: Essential in any professional relationship.
  • Quality: The true value contribution in projects.
  • Personalisation and Flexibility: The ability to adapt to the evolution of each project.
  • Confidentiality and Credibility: Maintained by a team of top-level professionals.
  • Results-Based Approach: Resolving situations of strategic importance.

How we work
We operate on a project basis for a limited time. We provide solutions to strategic challenges that require specific means and knowledge to which the company gains quick and efficient access.

¿Cómo trabajamos?

Code of conduct

Our main ethical principles:

Our code of conduct is a formal declaration of principles that encapsulates the values and ethical standards guiding our company:

1. Professionalism: Maintaining a high level of professionalism in all interactions with our clients, adhering to agreements, ethical norms and service quality standards.

2. Transparency and honesty: Communicating with our clients by providing clear and precise information about the services we offer, fees and deadlines.

3. Focus on client needs: Directing our efforts to understand and meet the specific needs of our clients.

4. Monitoring and feedback: Establishing a monitoring and feedback system with clients to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

5. Confidentiality and data protection: Implementing appropriate security measures to protect the data and intellectual property of the organisations we work with.

6. Legal and regulatory compliance: Adhering to all applicable laws, regulations and standards. Keeping abreast of changes in labour, tax and data protection legislation, ensuring our actions align with them. Emphasising compliance with occupational health and safety policies.

7. Building long-term relationships: Seeking to establish strong and lasting relationships with our clients, cultivating a good reputation in the market through consistent delivery of high-quality results and adherence to our commitments.

8. Zero-tolerance policy for corruption or its manifestations.

9. Non-acceptance of personal benefits or gifts derived from professional performance.

Our team

Get to know our team of professionals with extensive experience and proven expertise.

Open-K2 is a team of expert and qualified professionals in the areas of General Management and Boards of Directors. We are a growing company, incorporating executive talent through associates with experience and proven capabilities.

Pausas generales de conducta

Conducta: Nuestra guía de conducta

Políticas de información y transparencia sobre la marcha general de la empresa y decisiones estratégicas.

Cumplimiento de políticas de seguridad y salud en el trabajo.

Compromiso de no realizar actividades externas que sean competencia directa o indirecta a la actividad de la empresa, excepto situaciones especiales que hayan sido previamente autorizadas por la empresa.

Promoción de la formación y desarrollo de las personas respetando la igualdad de oportunidades, la proyección profesional y atendiendo al desarrollo de la misión de la empresa.

El uso con responsabilidad de los recursos y medios para el desarrollo de la actividad profesional facilitados por la empresa.

La no aceptación de contraprestaciones a título personal u obsequios derivados del desempeño profesional a nombre de la empresa.

Mantenemos una política de tolerancia cero con la corrupción, en cualquiera de sus manifestaciones.

Confidencialidad y protección de datos.
La confidencialidad y el secreto profesional son obligaciones fundamentales de los empleados, socios y asociados de Open-K2, estando obligados a mantener confidencialidad sobre la toda la información derivada del acompañamiento a nuestros clientes.

Initial commitment-free diagnosis. Shall we talk?

Is your company grappling with temporary issues or facing business challenges such as internationalisation? Feel free to contact us without any commitment. We have proven experience in handling succession processes, leadership substitutions, cost improvements, enhancing organisational efficiency and navigating challenging situations that may require commercial, organisational and/or financial reorganisations.

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